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Policies and Reports

Policies and Reports

Annual Reports

2021 Annual Reports
As presented to the NZCF AGM on 8 May 2022:
Chief Executive Report 2021
Audited Annual Accounts 2021

2020 Annual Reports
As presented to the NZCF AGM on 16 May 2021:
Chief Executive Report 2020
Audited Annual Accounts 2020

2019 Annual Reports
As presented to the NZCF AGM on 17 May 2020:
Chief Executive Report 2019
Audited Annual Accounts 2019

2018 Annual Reports
As presented to the NZCF AGM on 7 April 2019:
Chief Executive Report 2018
Audited Annual Accounts 2018

Strategic Plan

NZCF’s Strategic Goals & Priorities 2020-2025. Download PDF.

Our Core Activities:


Goal 1Goal 2Goal 3Goal 4Goal 5
1. Ensure we deliver services of a high and consistent quality that meet the changing needs of our community 2. Innovate our activities in response to evolving external forces.1. Work collaboratively with our fundersand partners to ensure agreed outcomes are met 2. Optimise the legacy of the WSCM2020 project and World Choir Games to grow engagement in choral singing1. Maintain effective, engaging, regular and relevant communication with our membership and volunteers 2. Grow the status, profile and visibility of choral singing in NZ1. Increase the number and diversity of participants in NZCF activities 2. Develop new strategies to encourage choral singing in primary schools 3. Develop partnerships with organisations to bring new/different perspectives to our activities.1. Create and implement a plan to grow and diversify our membership and volunteer base 2. Deliver a financially successful World Choir Games