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Advertising Policy

Upcoming events/concerts are considered to be advertising and a charge is made. Past events that are considered to be of interest to our members are regarded as news and no charge is made.

Advertisements should be sent to office@nzcf.org.nz

Free Advertising for Member Choirs

NZCF member choirs are invited to advertise their concerts and other activities free of charge on the NZCF website. These will be featured under Concerts and Events.

The format for free concert advertising is an jpeg poster or image (landscape orientation preferred), as well as a thumbnail image.

If you have any questions or need help, please contact our Finance and Membership Manager ann.gibbard@nzcf.org.nz.

Paid Advertising

NZCF offer four options for paid advertising:

Choral Vacancies

Awesome Choir DirectorVacancies for conductors or singers can be advertised for up to three months on the Choral Vacancies page via a link from the NZCF homepage and are also highlighted in our monthly eBreve newsletter.

The cost for a listing on NZCF website and in eBreve:  $85 (NZCF/ACD members or member choirs) or $170 (non-members) for up to three months.

eBreve Advertisement

E Breve  Advertising ExampleAn advertisement is featured in the monthly eBreve, which is sent to around 2,350 subscribers in the first week of each month.  Advertisements will be featured for up to three consecutive editions.

The cost for eBreve advertising is $50 (NZCF/ACD Members) or $100 (non members) for up to three months.

eBreve Article

E Breve  ExampleAn article is featured once in the monthly eBreve, which is sent to around 2,350 subscribers in the first week of each month is placed in the same edition.  Articles must be of interest to our nationwide readership and are subject to available space.

The cost for website and eBreve advertising:  $120 (NZCF/ACD members) or $240 (non-members).

Subscribe to eBreve

A Featured Advertisement on our Home Page

A scrolling advertisement (alternating with other ads) can be placed prominently on our website’s home page for up to three months and will also be featured in eBreve for up to three consecutive editions.

The cost for a featured advertisement and eBreve:  $150 (NZCF/ACD members) or $280 (non-members).

How to Advertise

  • Please email your advertisement to office@nzcf.org.nz
  • Advertisements are posted immediately when they are received. Copy for eBreve should be submitted before the 25th of each month, otherwise it will only appear in the following month’s edition
  • The text limit is 200 words, but ‘shorter is better’ and external links are encouraged
  • Format: a jpeg image or photograph (size less then 150kB in square format) plus text, which should be provided in an email or Word document (not PDF), formatted and ready for publication
  • Each advertisement is allocated an expiry date that is usually the date of the event or three months after insertion. Advertisers are welcome to renew their advertisement (if needed) at the end of the period
  • Advertisers should advise NZCF if any changes to the advertisement are required or if the ad should be removed early e.g. if the vacancy has been filled
  • Choirs advertising events other than their own concerts e.g. music festivals will be charged the non-member rate.