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Association of Choral Directors

Choir membership

Membership Fees 2022:

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The annual, inclusive ‘per singer’ charge:
Adult choirs – $6.50 per singer
Children’s and school choirs – $5.50 per singer

Overall annual maximum fees:
Church, children’s & school choirs – $105.00
All other choirs – $550.00

NZCF has a membership of over 20,000 singers from around 550 choirs including a wide range of styles: sacred, jazz, art music or ‘classical’, gospel, ethnic or ‘world’, musical theatre, opera.

There are many reasons why choirs have decided to join the NZCF community:

1. NZCF website marketing opportunities for your choir

2. An anual APRA licence

NZCF has a special arrangement with APRA for member choirs’ annual performing rights licence and the APRA fee is included in the NZCF membership subscription. No further charges are made by APRA unless the work is a ‘grand right’ composition (a major choral work in excess of 20 minutes duration). In these cases, a licence must be obtained directly from the relevant publisher. All APRA requires is a list of titles and composers, sent after each NZCF members’ concert. The NZCF/APRA licence can therefore save NZCF member choirs a substantial sum – in many cases, more than the cost of their NZCF membership subscription – and also administration time.

Non-NZCF member choirs are obliged to pay an annual Australasian Performing Right Association (APRA) licence fee of $113.69 and, in addition, must remit 2% plus GST of box-office income (minimum fee of $75 + GST) where copyrighted material is performed or rehearsed. This requirement does not apply to NZCF members.

3. Optional assets and public liability insurance at a low premium

The NZCF has a comprehensive, tailored, insurance package (assets and public liability) for choirs through Crombie Lockwood (NZ) Limited. The insurance comes at a premium of $220 incl GST for 2022. A similar level of cover might cost your choir around $700 per annum from another provider. See our Resources/Insurance web page for more information.

4. Other benefits including:


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For any enquiries, please contact Ann Gibbard (Finance and Membership Manager) during office hours on 021 682 014 or at ann.gibbard@nzcf.org.nz

Sign your conductor up to the Association of Choral Directors:

Choral conductors are encouraged to join the NZCF Association of Choral Directors (ACD), a network that provides professional development and mentoring, and fosters connectivity and collegiality between choral leaders. NZCF encourages choirs to pay for their conductor’s annual $90 ACD membership fee. By investing in their choir director, the choir is investing in their own future.

How does my choir membership support choral music in New Zealand?

Your choir’s membership fee helps the NZCF to:


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