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Resources for teachers

Resources for teachers

This collection is still under development. Please contact us if you would like further suggestions, or to include items.


A fun sing along, instructional, Māori Performing Arts series - Maori Television

Collection of waiata by the late Jenny Shearer, with support from the Ministry of Education, with curriculum notes, music, animated video, translations and chords - tekotare.org

Waiata With Chords (MENZA)

Hei Waiata (TKI)

Te Ika a Māui - Menza

NZ Sign Language

NZ Sign Singing

Across the Pacific

Kalani Mai Okalani - YouTube

Music theory 

musictheory.net - Free website for learning to read sheet music

Singing games

National Youth Choirs of Scotland singing games video resources from Early Childhood to Intermediate: https://www.nycos.co.uk/learn/video-resources/ 


Warm-ups for singing

  • Warm-ups help the singers relax and loosen up the muscles in the body – tight muscles could cause the singers to use their voice incorrectly.

  • Introduce a new song by doing an aerobic type warm-up to a recording or accompaniment of the song. 

  • Use warm-ups to put the group at ease and increase the sense of community.

  • Warm-ups can stretch and increase the vocal range and encourage listening, familiarising students' ears with musical jumps and scales.

Seven ways to warm-up your vocal cords - BBC Teach

Physical warm-ups

Breathing exercises

Preparing to sing

Head voice - high to low notes

Vowel warm-ups

Consonant warm-ups and tongue twisters

Flexible fast warm-ups

Beautiful blend warm-ups

Teaching videos

How to Deliver a Music Singing Assembly - J and C Academy

Lesson ideas from the Australian National Youth Orchestra's teacher mentoring programme rhymes-and-songs

Research on the benefits of singing in the classroom

The importance of singing with your class 

musicalfutures.org - why it's more important than ever to include singing in the classroom

tlri.org.nz - Dianna Reynolds' research into wellbeing through singing in a Christchurch school 



educationalleaders.govt.nz - Chris Wargent's report into singing in Auckland Schools 

Singing Communities by Te Oti Rakena

Is Yours a Singing School by Celia Stewart

The Benefits of Using Music in the Classroom - Cinnamon's Classroom (cinnamonsclassroom.com)

International Resources

Can Sing - free songs including rounds, call and response songs, and folksongs with backing tracks and sheet music

Free songs for changing and limited-range voices

Rise Up and Sing 

National Youth Choir of Scotland - free resources

Sing Up - UK - runs the free Sing-Up Day event

Snape Maltings' Friday Afternoons (free sheet music for choirs) 

Katherine Ruhle Compositions - includes some free rounds and songs

Bethsnotes - large catalogue of free Kodaly songs with sheet music and videos

Song Book - Tasmanian Symphony Orchestra (tso.com.au) - Folk songs with free sheet music, educational resources, and orchestral backing tracks

Visual resources and posters for classrooms