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Music Hire

NZ Libraries Catalogue

Search for choral sets with the NZ Libraries Catalogue
Providing visibility of all material catalogued by New Zealand libraries, the New Zealand Libraries Catalogue replaces the previous Cadence website, which had been limited to just choral and orchestral hire sets. Here are a few tips on searching for music scores, the organisations holding those scores, and linking to the hire request form.

  1. Go to NZ Libraries catalogue at https://natlib.govt.nz/librarians/te-puna/te-puna-search
  2. Enter the title and composer of the work, plus the phrase “choral set” (with the double quotes) in the Search box e.g. Messiah Handel “choral set” and click on Search (to the right of the box).
  3. This will take you to a page with (potentially) multiple entries, including CD recordings, books with the same title etc. In the column on the left of the page, go to Format and tick Musical Score. This will modify the search to only include scores.
  4. Once you have found an item of interest, click on the title to see more information.
  5. To see a list of choirs or libraries holding the work, click on Access Options on the right of the page.
  6. For further details on the organisation holding the item, check their website or get in touch with NZCF for the choir’s contact details.
  7. Cost – most choirs charge $2 per score. Check with them about their charges, period of hire and condition of scores before confirming your order. The National Library charges a rate per score (see below for current charges). The hirer pays the postage both ways and is liable for any damage or loss. In the case of a major loss, your choir’s NZCF insurance policy (if you have one) will help with replacing lost scores.
  8. Feel free to request a new piece if it is not available.
  9. To view all participant organisations with hire music available, select ‘Go to the Directory’ under ‘Directory of New Zealand Libraries’ on the bottom right, and enter Music Hire into the search box.

National Library Charges
Music hire material can be hired for up to four months. If the material is available, you can hire it for further months by prior arrangement at an extra charge.


Duration (minutes)Minimum chargeCharge for each subsequent month
Charge for each subsequent month $NZ excluding GST(up to four months) $NZ excluding GST$NZ excluding GST
Less than 10 minutes$0.80$0.40
10 to under 30 minutes$1.20$0.60
30 to under 60 minutes$1.60$0.8
60 to under 90 minutes$2.00$1.00
90 minutes and above$2.60$1.30

Listing your choir’s scores

The New Zealand libraries’ catalogue, Te Puna Search, particularly welcomes any original or legitimate copies of scores. This not only provides a service to our choral colleagues, it also brings in valuable revenue for your choir through hire fees.
To list your holdings, register for the National Library’s Music Hire Service and tick ‘I want to list my organisation’s collection in Te Puna Search’ at the bottom of the form. If you’re already registered, simply fill in the mandatory fields then tick that box at the bottom.
Then list (or edit the detail of) any or all of your scores at: http://natlib.govt.nz/forms/new-hire-set-record
For additional assistance, or if you have specific suggestions to contribute, contact the hiring librarian Chris Anderson at music.hire@dia.govt.nz or on 04 474 3025.

Choirs Aotearoa NZ

Choirs Aotearoa NZ manage NZ’s national choirs and have an extensive choral music library. Go to New Zealand Youth Choir’s website to view their catalogue and contact information.

Ron Dellow Reference Library

The Ron Dellow Reference Library consists of over 5,000 mainly single copies of choral works (without Bach or Dellow pieces) available for reference. They are the result of his life’s accumulation of music, and the collection is housed in Meadowbank. A postal service can be made available for those who cannot come and browse, and arrangements can be made for short term borrowing for a small fee.
The Custodian is Anita Banbury (E: a.banbury@xtra.co.nz P: 09 521 1119) to whom all enquiries should be made.

Free public domain music

There are a number of websites which offer free music scores that are out of copyright (and may be freely photocopied). We recommend Choral Public Domain Library and Petrucci Music Library.