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Virtual Choral Library

A Virtual Choral Library

The Musica virtual choral library is a collaborative multimedia database, developed by Musica International, a non-profit association. It is a multilingual tool and one of the most comprehensive sources of choral music information in the world. The database is available in four languages (English, French, German and Spanish) and currently boasts:

  • 200,000 choral music titles (with comprehensive descriptions)
  • 33,000 composers (biographies)
  • 14,000 authors of texts (biographies)
  • 2,500 publishers (web address, email etc)

An advanced search will allow you to include criteria including composer, author of text, title, year or century, theme (using key words), language, country of composition, voicing, instrumentation, gender of composer, duration, level of difficulty - you name it!

300,000 multimedia links on the website will take you to: 

  • images of a page of the score
  • audio excerpts by a good choir
  • texts
  • translations of the texts 
  • correct pronunciation of the texts (recorded by native speakers)
  • links to biographies and/or other related information

Through our annual subscription to Musica International, NZCF members have global privileged access to the database (without a subscription, search results are limited).

Watch this video to find out how to search the Musica International database.