World Choir Games 2024

How to Register

Entry Fee 

The registration fee is €400 for NZCF choirs for their first activity, any one of: Competition, Category, Evaluation, Coaching, Festival Stage Choir, €500 for all other NZ groups.  For NZCF choirs their second activity is €200, other NZ groups €250

Event Package 

All choir members attending the Games pay for an Event Package, which covers their accommodation, meals, airport transfers and transport to and from venues during their part/s of the Games.

An exception is made for those residing within 160km driving distance of central Auckland who don’t need accommodation. They pay a reduced per-person Participant Fee instead.


Bookings are already open, and with the deadline of 26th January fast approaching, register to make sure you don't miss out on this once in a lifetime opportunity. In the meantime, the Participant and Competition Information booklets for 2024, along with other details of Aotearoa New Zealand’s World Choir Games can be found online at

Although Games registration caters for choirs and not individuals, one activity that ‘unattached’ singers can potentially take part in is the massed Festival Stage Choir, which rehearses during the second Part (week) of the Games and performs with the Auckland Philharmonia at the Closing Ceremony. More details are available online at