World Choir Games 2024

How to Register

Entry Fee 

NZCF choirs who register by the Earlybird deadline (20 September 2023) pay only 200 euros per category – just a third of the full international price. This covers organisation, venue and international jury costs, free entry to the opening/closing events (as applicable) and various other concerts and ceremonies. 

Event Package 

All choir members attending the Games pay for an Event Package, which covers their accommodation, meals, airport transfers and transport to and from venues during their part/s of the Games. An exception is made for those residing within 160km driving distance of central Auckland who don’t need accommodation. They pay a per-person Participant Fee instead.


Bookings are already open, but do make sure to register by the  Earlybird deadline. In the meantime, the Participant and Competition Information booklets for 2024, along with other details of Aotearoa New Zealand’s World Choir Games can be found online at