World Choir Games 2024



Where and when are the World Choir Games 2024 being held?

The World Choir Games are being held in Auckland, New Zealand from Wednesday 10 to Saturday 20 July 2024.

The Games are organised into two parts:

  • Part One runs from 10 to 14 July
  • Part Two runs from 16 to 20 July

Why should my choir register for the World Choir Games 2024?

  • The World Choir Games is the largest choral festival and competition in the world. Choirs of many different cultures, choral traditions and singing styles join together from right across the globe.
  • With the Games being held for the first, and perhaps only, time ever in Aotearoa, this may be a once-in-a-lifetime experience for NZ choirs and vocal ensembles.
  • The Games are huge: 300 choirs, 10,000 singers and over 50 countries are projected to attend.  Your choir/group will be in the heart of a major international event without having to leave the country.
  • The Games are also welcoming and inclusive. All competing choirs will receive a medal or certificate from WCG2024, and those who don’t wish to compete have a choice of other activities.
  • Don’t just take our word for it; here’s what past participants have said about the Games:
    • “The competition has been a dream-come-true for our choir! We couldn’t be prouder! It was a lifetime achievement and experience none of us will ever forgot.”
      Vocal Ensemble FORTISSIMO, Bulgaria (WCG 2021, Flanders)
    •  “We just have to tell you right now: we loved the whole event!”Cgals Chamber Choir, Namibia (WCG 2014, Riga)
    • “There is no other choral gathering like it in the world which can compare that brings together singers with such enormous sprit of great joy and collegiality.” - Juror, Canada (WCG 2016,Sochi)
    • “What a wonderful event and what a wonderful time we had! And on top of that to have been a category winner was just amazing! My students are still talking about it and I know they will continue to do so for years to come!” –  Linn-Benton Community College Choirs, USA (WCG 2014, Riga)
    • “The level of talent was mind-blowing and the passion for music inspiring!” –  Frank Pietersen Music Centre Combined Choir, South Africa (WCG 2018, Tshwane)

What activities can my choir participate in?

There are several ways choirs can choose to participate in the Games. These include:

  • entering one or more of the 28 Competition Categories, at either Champions or Open level
  • registering for a non-competitive Evaluation Session – a private assessment by three jurors of your choir’s sung programme, with verbal feedback
  • registering for an Individual Coaching Session – a 45-minute private ‘rehearsal’ run by a single juror, who works with your choir and then provides feedback
  • participation in the Festival Stage Choir – attending rehearsals of the work/s and performing at the Closing Ceremony
  •  performing in one of the many Friendship Concerts held across Tāmaki Makaurau
  • attending talks, workshops and demonstrations to learn from international experts and receive new choral insights
  • attending, at no charge, the Opening/Closing Ceremony, your own Awards Ceremony and any other Competition Categories and Friendship Concerts in your ‘Part’
  • participating in the Parade of Nations, a lively street parade along Auckland’s waterfront

What are the key dates?

  • Earlybird deadline – 20 September 2023
  • Registration deadline – 6 December 2023
  • World Choir Games 2024 – 10-20 July 2024

Can individuals participate

Although Games registration caters for choirs and not individuals, one activity that ‘unattached’ singers can potentially take part in is the massed Festival Stage Choir, which rehearses during the second Part (week) of the Games and performs with the Auckland Philharmonia at the Closing Ceremony. 

More information including costs and the sign up form can be found online here :


How much will it cost my choir to participate in WCG2024?

  • Choirs based within a 160km driving distance of Auckland (and do not require accommodation) pay a Registration Fee (per choir/per activity) and a Participant Fee (per person/per part of the Games). Costs for these choirs are here 
  • All other New Zealand choirs pay a Registration Fee (per choir/per activity) and an Event Package (per person/per part of the Games), which includes four nights’ accommodation. Costs for these choirs are here 

A range of discounts are available to New Zealand choirs:

  • Registration Fee
    • discount for New Zealand choirs and further discounts for NZCF member choirs
  • Participant Fee
    • discount for School Choirs

What is included in our Registration Fee?

  • Your Registration Fee and per-person Event Package or Participant Fee enables your choir to choose ONE of the following four ‘activities’:
  1. Entry into one Competition Category
  2. Non-competitive Evaluation Session – a private (verbal and written) assessment by three jurors of your choir’s sung programme
  3. Individual Coaching Session – a 45-minute private ‘rehearsal’ run by a single juror, who works with your choir and then provides feedback
  4. Participation in the Festival Stage Choir – attending rehearsals of the work/s and performing at the Closing Ceremony
  • If your choir would like to participate in more than one of the above activities (eg, enter two competition categories or enter one competition category and participate in the Festival Stage Choir), an additional Registration Fee will be charged for each new activity.
  • In addition to your choice of the above activities, your choir will also be able to perform in one Friendship Concert and participate in the Parade of Nations.
  • Your choir members will also receive an Official Event Pass, which gives them free admission to:
    • all Competition Categories and Friendship Concerts (space permitting)
    • the Opening or Closing Ceremony applicable to your Part of the Games.

What is not covered by our Registration and Event Package/Participant Fees?

  • Talks, workshops, etc are charged for separately. However, the WCG2024 Team is working to ensure there is at least one complimentary workshop available for New Zealand registrants.
  • Celebration and Special Concerts are ticketed and charged for separately.


How many activities can we participate in?

  • Choirs and conductors can register for a maximum of two activities per Part of the Games.
  • Choirs and conductors who want to participate in more than two activities will need to register for up to two activities in Part One and up to two activities in Part Two of the Games.
  • If you would like to discuss how best to schedule your or your choir’s participation, talk to us at

How do we know whether to enter a Competition Category at Open or Champions level?

  • Any choir or vocal group can enter at the Open level. Champions level is for choirs with international or strong national competitive experience, or a proven level of artistic achievement.
  • You can find a list of Champions level criteria here, but if you wish to be considered for entry into a Champions level category, just email us at

When will choirs know where and when they will be competing/performing?

  • INTERKULTUR will release the detailed Games schedule in June 2024.
  • Owing to the scale of the Games and the complex scheduling involved, choirs are not able to request to perform on a specific day or time.


What concerts will be programmed?

  • Friendship Concerts – Every choir that registers for the Games can choose to perform in one of the many Friendship Concerts, which will be held in the daytime at locations right across Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland. These will be free for audiences to attend.
  • Celebration Concerts – Featuring top NZ and international choirs, these will be held on several evenings in the Auckland Town Hall. Celebration Concerts tickets will go on sale early in 2024.
  • Special Concerts – Special Concerts will be ticketed and tickets will go on-sale in early 2024. 


What kind of accommodation is available and where will it be located?

  • The Event Package offers participants a choice of three different accommodation categories: Economy (3* & low 4*), Standard (4* & 4.5*) and First Class (5*).
  • Along with 4 nights’ accommodation and breakfast, the Event Package includes both airport transfers and transport to your elected WCG2024 activities.
  • Accommodation will be located in central Auckland and the surrounding suburbs.
  • Full details of the Event Package are available here
  • If you would like to discuss the accommodation on offer, please email the INTERKULTUR team at

Can choirs from outside Auckland stay with family or friends?

  • Owing to the scale of the Games, INTERKULTUR requires all choir members travelling from outside the ‘Auckland perimeter’ to book the Event Package. This condition is part of the general rules for participation in the Games.
  • To discuss an exemption for your choir, talk to us at


Can the WCG2024 team provide support for funding or grant applications?

  • If you are applying for funding to support your choir’s participation in the Games, we can provide either a generic or tailored support letter to accompany your application. Please email us at to request a support letter.

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