World Choir Games 2024

Activities at the World Choir Games 2024


Did you know there are several ways to participate?

While many choirs opt to compete, there are other, non-competitive, activities you can elect to do. The full range of activities choirs can select from are:




  Enter one or more of the 28 competition categories, at either Champions or Open level


Evaluation Session Evaluation Session  

 Book a private assessment by three jurors of your choir’s  sung programme, with verbal feedback



Coaching Individual Coaching

 Have a single juror take a 45-minute private ‘rehearsal’ with your choir while providing feedback.

Festival   Stage   ChoirFestival Stage Choir

 Attend massed choir rehearsals during the second part of the Games and sing at the Closing Ceremony.



Friendship   Concerts Friendship Concerts

  In conjunction with any of the four   activities above, choirs are also entitled   to perform in   one of the many Friendship Concerts being held throughout Tāmaki Makaurau Auckland during the Games.   

 Or you can also choose this as a stand-   alone   activity.





But that’s not all! 

Registering for an ‘activity’ is your way into the Games, but from there you have access to a whole smorgasbord of concerts, competition sessions, ceremonies and workshops. You will also meet choirs of many other nations and make lifelong choral friendships.