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Why Personal membership of NZCF is important

While Personal membership of the New Zealand Choral Federation offers some tangible benefits in terms of discounts and priority entry to NZCF events, most of our Personal members see it as a way of supporting our many activities and helping NZCF promote the benefits of group singing to all New Zealanders. We asked some of them to tell us why they have taken out Personal membership…


Katie Chalmers
Being an NZCF Personal member means I enjoy a deeper sense of belonging in the New Zealand choral world. I feel more part of a network of people passionate about choral music. I value the numerous dedicated volunteers, many of whom have given their time and expertise over many years. I want to give my support for the huge amount of work the NZCF does: running fantastic regular events as well as providing information, educational opportunities and workshops. Receiving discounts for these things is a nice bonus.

Judy Bellingham
As a voice professional and teacher, and as a former choral conductor, membership of NZCF is essential to my professional career. I have created some of my teaching resources in association with NZCF, and have developed and maintained my professional profile both nationally and internationally through my membership. I get ongoing professional development through working with visiting choirs, attending choral workshops on a variety of topics and attending concerts at a reduced price. Many solo singers also ask my advice about singing in choirs and NZCF is able to assist me in recommending the appropriate choir for the singer. My Personal NZCF membership helps support what I believe is a vital organisation.

Stephen Rowe
As a Personal member of NZCF I can keep up with what’s going on in the choral world. I am also aware that my life was shaped by my involvement in things choral. I benefited hugely from singing in choirs, as has my family. As a conductor at The Big Sing for many years, I saw the real benefits to my students of taking part in the festival – opportunities they wouldn’t have had if it weren’t for the New Zealand Choral Federation. Therefore I am very happy to give my financial support- it’s a win-win!

Jane Shallcrass
I am a Personal member of the Choral Federation because I love choral singing and want to support an organisation that makes choral singing accessible to as many people as possible. I have sung in Orpheus Choir Wellington for about 14 years and it gives me enormous pleasure and enriches me in many ways. My choir belongs to the NZCF but I like to support the Federation on a personal level too, as I want to contribute towards enabling the Federation to promote the benefits of group singing and to support the next generation of choral singers through their youth activities such as The Big Sing and The Kids Sing. Go NZCF!!

Sign up online as a Personal member of NZCF OR download a 2020 Personal membership form