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Association of Choral Directors
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Tour Time makes international touring easy!

Our friends at Tour Time understand that international touring with your choir is an undertaking not embarked on lightly. The process is daunting, the arrangements are intricate and the options are endless… where do you start!? Festivals? Performances? Workshops? Well, let’s just say that Tour Time gets that this is an elephant definitely best eaten one bite at a time.

You can’t be in the industry for as many years as Tour Time and not get good at demystifying the beast that is a choral tour. By using their extensive experience, passion for music and global contacts, they can help take the tour “elephant” and carve it into more palatable chunks – whilst taking the lion’s share of the workload out of tour arrangements for you by leading you though the process from head to tail – leaving you to concentrate on the important factors of your tour… such as repertoire!

If you’ve ever considered a choir tour in the past but decided it was all just too big to handle, then sing out… they can help make your dreams become a reality.

Contact Tour Time www.tourtime.com