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Top reasons to join NZCF in 2022

Our recent Membership Survey revealed some of the top reasons people value their NZCF membership… and also revealed that many respondents didn’t know those benefits were on offer. Clearly we need to blow our own trumpet more! So, at the risk of preaching to the choir, we thought we’d pick out some of the top reasons to share with you. But don’t just take it from us – we’ve included some quotes from our survey so you can hear what others had to say.

For individuals
Being an NZCF member is your best way of keeping up to date with the national and international choral community and with events, performance opportunities, and workshops. As a member, you’ll get discounted tickets to NZCF events and other concerts. But more importantly, Personal Membership is your way of contributing financial support to NZCF’s myriad activities, from The Kids Sing and The Big Sing, through to Choral Connect, Sing Aotearoa and, in 2024, the World Choir Games! It goes without saying that anyone is welcome to join – whether you’re actively singing in a choir at the moment or not, it’s still a great way to stay connected with like-minded people around NZ.

“I am a passionate participator so I am going to pay whatever. I see it as support for the organisation.”

[I value] the ability to correspond with sing with, and relate to like-minded people across the country.”

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For singers up to 25
This year we’ve introduced a new membership price for those up to the age of 25, so that you can pay your age and get a great discount! We’re excited that our younger choral singers can now more easily join our singing networks, stay in touch with the latest news, and get all the usual benefits including reduced ticket prices and access to choral workshops and events.

“NZCF’s strive to engage youth is most valued. The Big Sing was an incredibly positive experience for me and every participant I’ve met. It interconnected choirs that likely wouldn’t have met otherwise and forged a bond between participants. It’s recent research into those studying at tertiary level shows a dedication to continuing this unity past secondary school and is very appreciated.

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For community choirs
NZCF has a special agreement with APRA where member choirs receive free APRA licensing and can take advantage of a special low-price insurance package (which has been a choir-saver in the past for member choirs that have had expensive equipment stolen). The APRA agreement alone makes the cost of NZCF membership worth it. A streamlined process for reporting to APRA is outlined on our website.

“We had a trailer theft and lost staging equipment and lights which the insurance through NZCF saw us able to replace everything but the trailer. That was hugely helpful.”

“[NZCF membership] gives us confidence that we are complying with copyright requirements at our performances so royalties can be distributed accordingly.”

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For choir conductors
You can join the NZCF Association of Choral Directors (ACD) whether you’re currently directing a choir or not. As an ACD member you get all the same benefits as Personal Membership plus ACD members get regular opportunities for professional development through conducting workshops, educational resources and conferences, as well as access to the ACD private Facebook group (where choir directors regularly pick each other’s brains!), the ACD video channel, and Musica International’s virtual library.

The training opportunities are amazing.”

“[I value] the opportunities to develop my conducting skills and knowledge of choral pedagogy”

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For choir administrators and committee members
The NZCF has been providing member choirs with regular advice and support around rehearsing and performing in a COVID-19 environment, which our members have found invaluable when navigating alert levels and the change to the traffic light system.

Member choirs get free advertising on the NZCF website for upcoming concerts, and an online choir profile, which is great for recruiting new singers to your group.

If you’re managing a choir and need to advertise for a new director, accompanist or new singers, NZCF also offers discounted advertising to member choirs.

“The NZCF singing in the time of Covid advice has been worth its weight in gold over the last few months, as local choir committees have struggled to interpret the situation and deal adequately with the risks.”

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We’d love as many people as possible to join our NZCF community to make it even stronger and more diverse in 2022. Even if you no longer sing in a choir, or have retired from singing altogether, by joining us with an annual individual membership you’re supporting the sector as a whole, helping build a connected network of choral music in Aotearoa, and furthering our vision of New Zealand as a singing nation.