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The Online Sing: A showcase for NZ secondary school choirs

This term we’re creating a series of new playlists on the NZCF YouTube channel to celebrate the achievements of our secondary school choirs in this extraordinary year.

High school choirs are invited to send us one piece which we will upload to a regional playlist able to be viewed by anyone across the country or around the world, and we’ll hold watch parties in term 4 so that friends and whānau can enjoy the performances together.

Live recordings are best, but by no means obligatory. If your choir has an assembly or school celebration coming up, or is joining with other schools to sing to each other this term, that could be an ideal opportunity to record a performance.

We hope the technology won’t be a barrier. While we would encourage choirs to aim for the best recording quality they can manage, this is not a competition and the emphasis is on sharing and celebrating everyone’s work. If you would like to take part in the project, but are concerned that your school does not have the necessary equipment or a suitable space to record in, please get in touch – we may be able to arrange for your to record at a school nearby.

To take part in The Online Sing, simply fill in our Online Sing Google form and upload your choir’s performance as an attachment by 30 September. We’ll advise you at the start of term 4 of our watch parties for the regional channels. If you have any questions about The Online Sing, get in touch with our Events Manager, Emma Billings emma.billings@nzcf.org.nz.