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Talking about diversity

Recently Creative New Zealand ran a one-day seminar: Nui te Kōrero: Talking about Diversity.

Wellington writer Hannah Mackintosh summarised some of the key points made by speakers during the day:

Check your bias: recognise the cultural framework in which you stand and consider that when meeting others. There is mutual benefit to understanding one another.

Dig deep to understand the kaupapa of diversity: listen and engage on a platform of humanity. Value and respect the different ways that people approach and organise in the world.

Diversify leadership: for real change to happen in this sphere we need to see leadership that is representative of diverse identities and worldviews. Get out of your comfort zones and don’t be afraid of having ‘uncomfortable conversations’.

The NZCF Board is currently exploring ways in which the Choral Federation can become more inclusive and diverse. Any feedback is very welcome.

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