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Proposed change to the NZCF Constitution – postal votes required by 19 April 2018

NZCF has received three nominations for the two available positions on the Governance Board and is therefore constitutionally bound to hold an election. A separate notice asks for your votes in the election.

However, with the 2020 World Symposium on the horizon, the current Board is keen to ensure an appropriate mix of skills amongst its ranks to provide strong and confident oversight of this major undertaking. We believe all three current nominees would be valuable additions to the governance team, offering a blend of legal, business, cultural and musical expertise.

We therefore wish to increase the maximum permissible number of Board members from seven to eight and have resolved to call a Special General Meeting (SGM) in order to move the necessary amendment to the NZCF Constitution.

It should be noted that only two of the three nominees can be elected under the current rules. If the proposed amendment passes, however, the current Board intends to co-opt the third nominee, as permitted in the Constitution, to fill the new position until the 2019 AGM.

The SGM will be held at 2.00pm on Sunday 22 April 2018, immediately before the Annual General Meeting at 2.30pm, at Diocesan Junior School, Epsom, Auckland. However, all members may vote on the proposed changes to the Constitution through the proxy voting procedure.

Download the proposed change to the NZCF’s Constitution 2018 and proxy voting form. Ideally it should be received by the NZCF National Office by Friday 19 April 2018, but you are welcome to bring your proxy to the meeting on the Sunday.

If you have any questions about either the proposed changes or the SGM, please do not hesitate to contact Grant Hutchinson, Chief Executive.