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Meet our new partner - Trinity College London

Introducing Trinity College London’s Exams for Choirs

You probably know about Trinity College London’s exams for solo singers and instrumentalists, but did you know Trinity also offers assessments for choirs?

In a nutshell, Trinity’s Choral Certificate exams consist of a short recital and are available at three levels:

Foundation, 8 – 10 minute recital
Intermediate, 15 – 20 minute recital
Advanced, 25 – 30 minute recital

The choir can perform songs from a suggested repertoire list or works of its own choice – Aotearoa New Zealand compositions are welcome, and the free choice encourages the choir to perform to its strengths.

A maximum of 90 marks out of 100 are awarded for the performance, and up to 10 marks are awarded for presentation skills. Assessment criteria explaining the expectations at each level are provided in the syllabus.

Choirs can be any size and perform with or without accompaniment. While most exams are held at venues provided by Trinity, depending on logistics, it may be possible to hold the exam at a school, church or other public venue of the choir’s choice.

Exams, like any performance experience, are a great way to learn. The bonus with Trinity’s Choral Certificate exams is that choirs receive impartial feedback based on internationally recognised standards – and a positive exam result is the golden stamp of approval!

Exams are held at 19 centres nationwide, from Whangarei to Invercargill. For further information please contact Trinity’s national representative, Catherine Martin, at cathy.martin@trinitycollege.co.nz or visit trinitycollege.com/music.