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Kids Online Singalong - a project for primary and intermediate school choirs

We’re ready to launch the first phase of our exciting new virtual choir project, Kids Online Singalong! in partnership with MENZA (Music Education New Zealand Aotearoa).

The project is open to all New Zealand primary and intermediate school choirs and involves each group learning the same piece, recording it, and sending it in so that we can create one massed virtual choir from all the videos to share on the NZCF YouTube channel.

The piece we’ve chosen for this project is We Are One by Sophie Brown, a Year 12 student at Epsom Girls’ Grammar School in Auckland with multiple songwriting successes already to her credit. We Are One is the winning entry in this year’s Hook, Line and Sing-A-Long competition, run by the New Zealand Music Commission in partnership with MENZA.

Phase One: Rehearsal
Follow the link below to find all of the resources you will need for rehearsing We Are One with your school choir including:

Phase Two: Recording

Once you have thoroughly rehearsed your choir’s performance, using the resources above, you’ll be ready to record! Below are the technical instructions you need – please read these carefully. When your video is complete, simply fill in the Google form below to register (it’s free to take part!) and attach your video file to the form.

Technical instructions on how to record your performance:

  • Film in landscape mode
  • Film in 1080p resolution, no larger. If you can use a video camera, so much the better, but phones with a good camera will be OK too. iPhone: Settings / Camera / Record Video / 1080p in 30fps. Android: Watch this video: https://tinyurl.com/android1080p
  • We need videos to be as consistent as possible. Fill the camera frame with your whole choir.
  • If conducting, please stand behind the camera, so that there is an unobstructed view of the singers.
  • Record your performance in time with the backing track. Keep the track volume to the lowest level possible that still allows your singers to stay in time and in tune. Point speaker/s towards the choir, not at the camera.
  • Take a moment to listen to your surroundings. Keep background noise to a minimum. Dry and dead sounding acoustics are best. Outside can work when there is no wind and the surrounding environment is quiet.
  • To ensure that the videos will synch up and that the vocals are not overpowered in the finished video, please record the piece without ukeleles or any other accompaniment other than the backing track. If you choose to clap where indicated in the piece, this should be done very softly.
  • Make sure there is no bright light coming from behind the singers to avoid dark silhouettes.
  • If possible, before uploading your video, change the name of the file to your “School name – Choir Name – Region”.
  • Before uploading your video, double check that you’re happy with your choir’s performance and that the image and sound is clear.

Please use this Google form to register for the project and to attach your video file to.

The deadline for submissions is Friday 13 November 2020
We hope to release the finished combined choir video in early December.

The NZCF Virtual Choir team.