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Introducing Cheryl Camm - 2019 SOUNZ-NZCF Composition Adjudicator

The SOUNZ-NZCF Composition Competition is a great opportunity for budding composers to explore their creative skills in choral music and get valuable feedback from an award-winning NZ composer.

We’re delighted to announce that this year’s adjudicator is Cheryl Camm. Cheryl lives in Northumberland and has strong links to New Zealand where her music is frequently performed, and to Yorkshire, where she is actively involved as a workshop presenter these days.

Cheryl says she composes music “inspired by landscapes, historical and geographical events and phenomena, road signs, letters of the alphabet, bananas, umbrellas, art works, and an eclectic assortment of other fixations”.

Cheryl composes in a variety of styles according to conditions, but always tries to challenge the ears and musical abilities of the performers a little with rhythmic intricacies, melodic quirks or timbral idiosyncrasies. She writes for a wide range of musical ensembles of varying levels of ability and confidence. She says it is her particular delight to tailor the music she composes to the specific peculiarities of those asking her for something new and distinctive.

SOUNZ-NZCF Composition Competition entries are now being received and we are extending the closing date to 30 May, 2019. PDF files are requested. 

Click here for an entry form