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Distinguished Service Award for Olive Leddy

At the recent NZCF AGM on Friday 11 May, outgoing Chair Olive Leddy was awarded a Distinguished Service Award of the NZCF for her exceptional contribution to the NZCF over the past 11 years.

Olive was presented with a pounamu by the Auckland Committee as well as a bouquet of flowers. Of considerable amusement was the fact that her top matched the gift box for the pounamu, by sheer chance!

Board member Warwick Harvey read the following citation on behalf of the Board:

Olive joined the Auckland Committee in 2006 when the Committee was chaired by Leonie Lawson. Within six months of joining the committee Leonie passed the Chair to Olive – a post she has held to the present for a total of 11 years. Olive’s commitment and dedication to NZCF has been incredible.

Since joining the Auckland Regional Committee Olive has championed the strengthening of the choral community in our city. Her unstinting work in supporting the many choirs in primary and intermediate levels (The Kids Sing) and secondary schools (The Big Sing and Finale) has ensured a bright future in choral singing in Auckland and beyond. The adult choirs in the community have also benefitted from her oversight.

She has attended almost all TBS and TKS festivals from go to whoa, innumerable performances to show her support of NZCF member choirs, and made sure all members are informed of upcoming member choir performances through email. She has followed up the receipt of awards to awardees, encouraging them in their future endeavours.

Olive is highly supportive of those who have specific responsibilities, eg for The Big Sing and The Kids Sing. Her attention to detail means that nothing slips through the cracks. If she is sent a document you can be sure she will give it maximum thought and critical analysis. Although Olive is has stepped down from the Committee she will remain involved with TBS and TKS, working closely with the Co-ordinators to assist with the smooth running of those events.

Olive is tenacious in the way she follows through with issues to make sure of the best possible outcome. She has supported innovative ideas and carried on even when they have not been able to effect change in the national organisation. She spent many hours assisting in the drafting of criteria as part of the revision of the National Constitution and has never counted the time spent in the process of carrying out her role of NZCF Auckland Chair.

Olive has dealt with all NZCF Auckland contacts to ensure the smooth running of events. She has spent countless hours attending meetings with Auckland Live and other bodies, attending all National events, sending copious emails to choirs, stakeholders, members and many others giving up much of her own time and many times at her own expense.

In recognition of Olive’s contribution to NZCF, the Governance Board is unanimous in accepting the recommendation of the Auckland Branch Committee that Olive be awarded a Distinguished Service Award.”

The Governance Board deemed it appropriate that Olive should be presented with her Distinguished Service Award on the last night of this year’s Auckland Regional The Big Sing where as many people as possible can acknowledge her outstanding service to New Zealand Choral Federation.