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The Colours of the human voice: rediscovery

In his recent lecture at the World Symposium on Choral Music, the Armenian-Canadian composer, conductor and experimental vocalist Vahram Sargsyan presented the human voice from a novel perspective by demonstrating many vocal possibilities derived both from ancient music traditions throughout the globe and from his own research and exploration. He discussed non-conventional singing techniques and features such as:

  • Throat singing styles
  • Vocal fry, whistle register, M4 register etc.
  • Ingressive singing possibilities
  • Vocal percussion
  • Multiphonics.

It was fascinating to hear what sounds the human voice is capable of producing without, as he states, damage to the larynx providing that singer has appropriate supervision.

Listen to his Labia Mea for 8 amplified voices (2016)… if you dare! All music/sounds have been produced by the composer himself without anything more than amplification. Headphones recommended for best results.