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Choral sound concept - Vowels are key!

Continuing our series of videos recorded at the 2019 Choral Connect convention in Wellington, we’re pleased to release Elise Bradley’s presentation Choral Sound Concept – Vowels are the Key! in which she addresses vowels and vocal techniques for vocal quality and tuning as part of a healthy, choral sound concept.

Artistic Director of the Toronto Children’s Chorus since 2007, Elise has long been an advocate of vowels as the key to the language, the sound and the tuning, and as an invaluable tool in teaching choral music. The Chorus has been praised for its healthy sound and excellent tuning.

In her presentation, Elise asks delegates to consider what the vision is for their choir in terms of tone quality, and how vowels impact that vision. Delegates are invited to compare choral recordings, and Elise calls on the Toronto Children’s Chorus to demonstrate unified intonation and a homogeneous, healthy sound.

A short clip from Elise’s video is below. The full one-hour video is on the ACD Video Channel, accessible to current ACD members via login and password. Directors of a Big Sing or Kids Sing choir have automatic ACD membership for the year in which they take part in TBS or TKS.

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We’ll be releasing further videos from Choral Connect ’19 over the next few months.

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