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Choirs and the COVID-19 Traffic Light Framework

On Friday 3 December 2021, New Zealand moved out of the Covid-19 Alert Levels and into the new 3-level ‘traffic light’ COVID-19 Protection Framework. The traffic light settings were last reviewed and updated on 13 April.

All of New Zealand is currently in ORANGE. My Vaccine Passes are no longer required for events and gatherings and there are no limits to the number of attendees, whether indoors or outdoors.

Choir rehearsals and performances fall under the government’s Events and Gatherings Guidelines. Scroll below to the rules applying to rehearsals and concerts in the updated ORANGE ‘traffic light’ setting.

School choirs will be subject to the Ministry of Education Covid-19 guidelines.


What does the ‘traffic light’ system mean for choir rehearsals or concerts?


  • Face coverings are required for concert audiences, but not for performers. Face coverings are still strongly encouraged for rehearsals but are not mandatory. Face masks are no longer required outdoors.
  • Rehearsals and concerts are limited to 200 people indoors, based on 1-metre physical distancing eg, a single defined space of 50 sq metres should only host 50 people; a 200 sq metre space is required for 200 people). This does not mean people have to sit or stand 1 metre apart – the 1-metre distancing is a guide to the size of the venue or space.
  • Performers/workers are not counted in the limits.
  • There are no limits outdoors.


  • Face coverings are encouraged as an extra precaution at rehearsals.
  • For concerts, choirs may perform unmasked but we recommend that audiences remained masked.
  • There are no limits on attendees, whether indoors or outdoors.


  • Face coverings are encouraged.
  • There are no limits on gatherings, whether indoors or outdoors.

Additional precautions 

In addition to all singers being fully vaccinated, we recommend the following precautions:

  • requesting choir members to stay home if they have Covid symptoms, are Covid positive, are a close contact or household contact of a positive Covid case
  • the use of masks at rehearsals. Visit our page on Masks for Singers
  • physical distancing of 1 metre
  • increased ventilation – windows should be open to allow adequate air flow
  • reduced rehearsal times/more frequent breaks
  • vigorous hand washing/sanitising
  • regular cleaning of common surfaces