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Celebrate World Choral Day 10 December 2017

Choirs from the five continents have already registered their events for World Choral Day. Join them and celebrate 24 hours of choral singing around the world.

Initiated in 1990 by composer and conductor Alberto Grau, the World Choral Day is celebrated by millions of singers all around the world. Join them to celebrate it on or around December 10 and sing for humanity, peace, freedom, equality, solidarity, understanding and integration.





Read the proclamation:

Sing Choirs of the World!
May your voices take springs
there where fire burns.
May your songs put roses
there where battlefields lay.
Open furrows and sow love
to harvest fruits of hope.
Sing to liberty where despots rule,
Sing to equality where poverty nests,
Sing to love where hate prevails.
May your singing direct the world
so that peace takes over wars,
so that all will cherishes earth,
so that all race or color discrimination is banished
so that we will be together as sisters and brothers
so that this planet rejoices with your voices.

Register on: http://www.worldchoralday.org/events/subscription

Contact: project.manager@worldchoralday.org