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Auckland TBS 2019 choir timetable

Download the timetable for the daytime sessions as of the end of April. There may be minor changes which will be shown in updates.
Entry cost is $2 pp for these sessions, paid at the door.
Please note that times are shown for the start of the session and for the start of the second half. These will be adhered to. Start times for each choir can vary, so please aim to be there for the start of the session to avoid missing seeing a particular choir.

There will be a Gala Concert each evening at 7pm. Most choirs perform one piece on the same evening as they appear on this timetable, but please check with the school involved whether a particular choir is singing in the gala. A few choirs choose not to. The Gala programme will not be published on the website in advance. Tickets are available from Ticketmaster from 29 May.