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Association of Choral Directors
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Addressing sexual harassment and abuse

NZCF would like to address recent revelations about a member of the music community who has been contracted by this organisation in the past. The allegations are deeply troubling, not least because they describe an imbalance of power, and many years of silence and denial which increased the harm to those involved.

We have policies in place that are designed to protect our people. Our Safety of Children and Young People Policy can be found on the Policies page of our website, and we plan to engage our community in the development of a broad code of conduct which we will urge member choirs to endorse and adopt.

The current publicity has caused us to re-visit our policies and procedures to ensure they are robust. Most importantly, we recognise that such policies can only be effective if accompanied by open communication and clear pathways for raising concerns.  

Musical expression involves vulnerability and trust. NZCF is committed to fostering an open and positive culture, where all participants feel, and are, safe from mental, physical and emotional harm, and where allegations of abuse and harassment are thoroughly investigated regardless of the reputations of those involved. If you have any concerns you wish to raise with us, we encourage you to contact our Chief Executive Christine Argyle: ceo@nzcf.org.nz or our Chair Juliet Dreaver: juliet.dreaver@nzcf.org.nz. Any disclosures will be treated as strictly confidential.