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Levels of entry

There are three levels of entry:

a) Participation only – no feedback
Choirs can take part in The Kids Sing without receiving feedback and will receive a Participation Certificate.

b) Performance with feedback
Choirs who wish to perform with constructive feedback will be critiqued and provided with a written report (without grading), which may include comments on:

  • Intonation: accuracy of pitch; overall tuning
  • Tone and Blend: evenness of tone; overall blend of voices
  • Vocal Technique: breath support; posture
  • Diction: clarity of consonants; uniformity of vowels
  • Interpretation: phrasing and expression; integrity to text; observance of performance markings (articulation, tempo, dynamics etc.)
  • Staging and Presentation: visual impact; choral discipline; stage presence

A Performance Certificate will be provided.

c) Graded performance
These choirs will receive a critique on their performance and also be graded. These choirs are eligible for Gold, Silver or Bronze awards and will be given an appropriate certificate.

For adjudication purposes, there are two categories of choirs:

  • Primary (CP): up to, and including, Year 6 students
  • Full Primary (FP)/Intermediate: up to, and including, Year 8 students

Full Primary (FP) choirs will be assessed at a slightly higher standard to the Contributing Primary (CP) choirs, reflecting their different stages of development.


FP Grade CP Grade
85% or more 80% or more
75-84% 70-79%
65-74% 60-69%

Download The Kids Sing Participants' Guide 2022