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 TBS 2021 Cadenza and Finale Choirs

For The Big Sing 2022, we have reduced the number of pieces (and total performance time) for selection to Cadenza and Finale, as well as the total number of pieces to be performed at the Cadenza and Finale festivals. Those changes are outlined in our revised Conditions of Entry.

The requirements for competing choirs at each level of the competition are as follows:

Regionals (2 pieces)

  • 1 x either Category One or Category Two piece
  • 1 x any piece not from the same category as the other
  • Maximum aggregate performance time of 8 minutes

Cadenza (3 pieces)

  • 1 x Category One piece
  • 1 x Category Two piece
  • 1 x Director’s Choice piece (all genres of choral music, including Categories One and Two)
  • One bracket, maximum aggregate performance time of 12 minutes 

Finale (4 pieces)

  • 1 x Category One piece
  • 1 x Category Two piece
  • 2 x Director’s Choice pieces (all genres of choral music, including Categories One and Two)
  • Two brackets, each with max aggregate performance time of 8 mins

Click here to download the Categories of Musical Styles

Any queries regarding the matching of pieces to category criteria should be referred to the TBS National Director John Rosser: john.rosser@nzcf.org.nz



Future Finales
The following are the dates for The Big Sing Finale in 2022: Christchurch (Thursday 25 - Saturday 27 August 2022 in the Christchurch Town Hall)  
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