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SingFest is a choral event aimed at youth and community/chamber choirs, i.e. late teens/non-school youth choirs, through to the older age ranges. A well-known conductor is invited to be the commentator (providing written critique for choirs) at the festival. Each choir performs a programme lasting up to 15 minutes and then joins in for a massed item, usually also conducted by the commentator. In addition, one of the top choirs from The Big Sing may be invited to be a guest choir. However, regions are given flexibility to use different formats to suit their particular needs.


  • To foster the striving for choral excellence in youth and community choirs
  • To encourage the development of talent that has the potential to move into the top levels of choral involvement
  • To provide and maintain a consistent development pathway for the choral art form
  • To address the gap that exists between secondary school and community choirs
  • To bring a clear development pathway into the community choir area
  • To provide a forum for professional development to youth and special interest choirs