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Each year the Fine Tuning workshops are offered in the three regions closest to the Finale host city, to reduce travelling costs for anyone wishing to attend the Finale.

The workshops will take place in three different cities during May before the regional festivals:

2021 workshops Auckland, Hamilton, Invercargill

Regional coaching sessions

  • The programme is open to secondary school choirs that enter The Big Sing each year
  • Each region is limited to three TBS choirs, together with their conductors.
  • Choirs accepted into the programme will have a 90-minute coaching workshop at their school.
  • Selection will be on a ‘first in, first served’ basis. However choirs that took part in the TBS Finale in 2018 or 2019 are not eligible for the Fine Tuning programme.
  • Choir directors are welcome to attend coaching sessions held in other local schools on the day.
  • Members of the choral conducting community will also be welcome to observe the workshops at an extra cost observers The number of observers at any workshop will be determined by the school.
  • A forum for the conductors, observers and choral advisor is also included in the time slot.

Choral Advisors
Selected by the ACD Committee, Choral Advisors will have acted as TBS adjudicators in the past few years (and are not being used this year in that capacity) or are conductors of highly-ranked TBS choirs.