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Big Sing pic massed BurcinParticipating choirs are offered up to five free tickets (must include at least one staff member) to the day sessions and Gala Concert of The Big Sing Finale. In 2021 the Finale will be held in Christchurch from 26 August to 28 August 2021.

  • Schools choose which staff members/pupils will attend the day sessions and concert.
  • The conductor and/or other school staff would need to travel with and be fully responsible for any students attending the Finale.
  • Schools would be responsible for their own transport, meals and accommodation.
  • Schools need not send a full delegation i.e. use up all five spaces.
  • Extra staff and students from the schools may attend, although they would need to make arrangements for their own tickets to the Gala Concert and the day sessions.
  • The five delegates from the school may attend the social functions at the usual cost.