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Association of Choral Directors
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Access to a world of repertoire at Musica International

Musica International was established as a non-profit organisation in 1998 to realise the vision expressed by the International Federation for Choral Music (IFCM) of creating a comprehensive database of the world’s choral music. More than thirty years later, Musica International has amassed data on almost 200,000 musical scores and has developed a Virtual Choral Library. This collaborative multimedia database is a multilingual tool and one of the most comprehensive sources of choral music information in the world.

Membership of Musica International is open to all federations, higher education and other teaching institutions, foundations, music libraries and publishers with an interest in raising awareness of the choral repertoire.

Members of the NZCF’s ACD (Association of Choral Directors) are able to enter the Musica International virtual choral library via the NZCF website. Provided your ACD membership is current, here’s how to access the library:

1. Go to the ACD page on the NZCF website by clicking on the photo above Association of Choral Directors on the Home page
2. Click on RESOURCES on the red tab at the top of the ACD page
3. Enter your ACD login details (email address; password) in the ACD member login box on the Resources page
4. Click on Access to Musica International’s website in the grey ACD Online Resources box.

Start exploring today!