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Association of Choral Directors

30 May 2017
Tour Time are looking forward to attending The Big Sing regionals in the upcoming weeks and have been pleased to be involved in the Fine Tuning Workshops that have been held with choirs throughout the...
30 May 2017
Choristers from 17 East Coast secondary schools have been perfecting their vocals for The Big Sing which kicks off on Wednesday 31 May. The two-day event involves 34 choirs from Gisborne through to...
25 May 2017
The internet, social networks and our phones constantly tease us with more distraction than we’ve ever known before. Richard Trenholm uses a brainwave scanner to see how his concentration changes...
16 May 2017
For many children, the music they grow up listening to with friends, family, parents and relatives is often not reflected in school music lessons. So while their teacher is trying to get them to...
16 May 2017
As unlikely as it seems, this unassuming-looking lady of Romanian, Russian and French heritage, who was born in 1887 and lived to the age of 92, did indeed end up shaping the sound of the modern...
16 May 2017
For 30 years Wellington has run ‘May Workshops’ and Life Member Judy Berryman has sung in them all! We’re sure that when the late John Knox, Stanley Barnes, Judy Berryman and their Wellington...
11 May 2017
The Hastings Choral Society is this year celebrating its 30 year anniversary with its recent Messiah performance and a special luncheon on Sunday 18 June 2017. We would like to invite anyone involved...
11 May 2017
The Ministry of Youth Development (MYD) is supporting The Big Sing (TBS) over the next three years in recognition of the ways in which TBS festivals offer development opportunities to young student...
03 May 2017
Catch up on what’s been happening in the world of choral music and learn about four of the choirs participating in the “Circle Concerts” of the WSCM11 in Barcelona in July. Read more ...








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