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Association of Choral Directors

29 Apr 2017
At the Auckland region’s Annual General Meeting on Friday 28 April 2017, long-serving NZCF stalwart John Willmott was given the organisation’s first Distinguished Service Award. Unfortunately,...
29 Apr 2017
We asked three well-known directors what their favourite pieces of music for Easter were – here they are (click on each link to hear the work. ENJOY!!   Ben Parry Music director of the National...
28 Apr 2017
NZCF is delighted to announce the appointment of Briony Ellis as General Manager of the 12th World Symposium on Choral Music, to be held in Auckland from 11 to 18 July 2020. Briony and her business...
27 Apr 2017
The Big Sing regional festivals have begun the first festival held recently in Napier. Check out the dates and times below and support New Zealand’s (arguably) most successful music...
26 Apr 2017
The Naked Choir is a singing competition like no other! Host Jeff Hunkin has searched New Zealand for the next generation of amateur A Capella singing groups, and only eight will go through to perform...
26 Apr 2017
Having just celebrated Anzac Day this year, it seems appropriate to be able to watch Anthony Ritchie’s oratorio “Gallipoli to the Somme” which premiered in Dunedin late last year. This...
26 Apr 2017
Can playing a musical instrument make you a genius? “Probably not,” says Bob Duke, Director of the Centre for Music Learning, Texas, “but it is giving your brain a great workout”. Read more ...
26 Apr 2017
When a group of adults with severe dementia began singing and saying hello to each other in a session, it brought home the power of music therapy. Read more ...
26 Apr 2017
Carbon dating techniques, used on three flutes found in caves in South Germany, show that they are around 42,000 years old. They were buried deep in the dirt alongside hundreds of other artifacts...
26 Apr 2017
Professional pianist Professor Daniel Beliavsky and one of his students wear special glasses as they play the piano to track the movement of their eyes. Watch the video ...








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